What does it take to get to Level 4?

Let’s talk about Level 4.

While Alpha’s three commitments to love of school, 2x learning, and life skills will still steer our L4 program, we are adding additional commitments to make sure all L4 students can get into the best universities in the country.

L4 includes the following commitments:

  1. All students will achieve a 1500 or greater on the SAT
  2. All students will score a “5” on at least 3 AP tests
  3. All students will get into a top 20 university

Just as the three original commitments are the most ambitious goals for any primary/middle school in the country, these three new commitments are the most ambitious goals for any high school in America.

To achieve these goals, L4 requires aggressive entrance criteria ( e.g. we require students to be at a minimum of 90th percentile nationally in academic performance and to have demonstrated extensive capability in a range of life skills). L4 is the capstone of Alpha and the entirety of the school’s progression is designed to support the L4 commitments.

We have designed a diverse and comprehensive L3 program to ensure students are equipped to enter L4. In addition to demanding mastery work in academic adaptive applications, L3 students write everyday, learn five core life skills and master computer science. Students also participate in 40 unique workshops during their 2+ years in L3. While students experience the program diversity daily, it is important for everyone to have the details of the L3 pathway.

Completion of L3

This means your child will complete the following coursework and perform at a minimum of the 90th percentile (nationwide), as measured by the MAP test. (Note: students are on individual pathways, so some started L3 with some of this app work completed).


  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry


  • Science 7
  • Science 8
  • Alpha Bio-Chem



  • Language 8
  • Language 9
  • Language 10
  • Language 11
  • Language 12
  • 5 x the Alpha Writing Sequence (sentence>paragraph>essay)
  • Be an Expert
  • Focus and Intensity
  • Learn to Learn
  • Give and Receive Feedback
  • Non-Academic Writing
  • Computer Science

To earn a spot in L4, students must also excel in three capstone projects. These projects will typically be completed in the last four sessions of a student’s time in L3.

  1. College Essay: A reflection on how you will spend your time and what you will accomplish in L4. Provides students a greater sense of purpose.
  2. Learning Plan: Demonstrate mastery of Learn to Learn by developing a plan to become an expert in a topic selected at random.
  3. Alpha Talk: Prepare and deliver a public TED style talk. The topic of the talk must be one in which the student achieved mastery. Requires the completion of the Public Speaking category on the Alpha Life Skills Jeopardy Board.

The extensive level of preparedness is necessary for students so that they may maximize their time in high school. Like L3, L4 is a diverse program with unparalleled academic demands. It is our expectation that the program prepares students to earn a 1500 or above on the SAT and a score of 5 on at least 3 AP exams. But, the real value of L4 is the development of subject matter expertise and pursuit of life skills.

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